60 seconds with Sonali Deshpande


Police Officer and ex-MCWH bilingual health educator

What are you enjoying doing at the moment?
I am a full time Police Officer with Victoria Police and I absolutely enjoy my work.

What is the best thing that happened to you today?
The sun has come out whilst it is 5 degrees temperature outside – isn’t that the best thing on a winter’s day?

If you were a super-heroine, what powers would you like to have?
To possess a ‘Genie’ who will grant every wish that I have. Needless to say I will use this power in the interest of community. I promise, the following will be my utmost priorities: firstly, to eradicate cancer and other deadly diseases from the planet; secondly, to provide food, shelter, education and loving care for every child on the planet and lastly, to end poverty and provide a sense of security to every single person on the earth.Only when all three have been achieved, I’ll then ask the Genie for a nice beach fronted bungalow with an open terrace in Malibu for myself!

What talent would you most like to possess?

What is your best quality or attribute?
Determination and Commitment.

What is the best part of your day or job?
I am quite passionate about things I do in my personal and professional life, though coming home safe and sound at the end of day is the best part of my day.

What do you most value in your friends?

If you could give one piece of advice to someone new to Australia, what would it be?
It’s an opportunity to reinvent oneself so accept and enjoy the experience.

What is your favourite word in the English language? Why?
‘Persistence’ because it helps you to keep getting better at what you do.

If you could invite any woman (dead or living) to dinner tonight, who would it be?
Indeed, that would be the former Prime Minister of India ‘Indira Gandhi’. She was the first female, and the longest serving, prime minister in the male dominated history of Indian democracy.

I absolutely admire her strength and leadership approach that was full of vision, passion and courage.

Tell me about an amazing woman you know.
My mother. She’s the most strong minded and soft hearted woman I know.

Name a book or a film that changed your life.
No life changing book or a movie to mention here, however I did come across some inspirational literature in Marathi, Hindi and English. I love to watch movies for entertainment, including Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

What does multiculturalism mean to you?
To me multicultural means recognising positivity in diversity, being tolerant, appreciating and learning about differences, sharing and expanding your knowledge about the world that would enable one to become a broader person and understand humanity better.

Finish this sentence: “We need feminism…”
“…to abolish gender inequality and achieve more social, political and economic rights for women”. It’s only human to treat all individuals equally in every sphere of life.