Family And Reproductive Rights Education Program (FARREP)

Sexual and reproductive health information for women who have had female circumcision and their communities.

The Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health offers health education sessions and telephone health information and referral, to women from communities traditionally affected by practices such as Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C). We also assist women from these communities with other sexual and reproductive health and related issues. Further we provide health professionals with consultation and training opportunities around these target groups and issues.

FARREP is a statewide program that seeks to prevent FGM/C and address sexual and reproductive health issues in communities affected by FGM/C.

FARREP works together with communities that historically practice FGM/C as well as with the service providers who work with these communities.

FARREP addresses the practice of FGM/C because of its harmful impact on the reproductive and sexual health of women and girls and because it is a violation of womens’ and girl’s fundamental human rights. FARREP addresses FGM/C in a holistic manner, and with awareness of its cultural and religious contexts.

FARREP operates in key locations across the Melbourne metropolitan area through the work of bilingual and bicultural FARREP workers placed in relevant agencies in these locations. These locations are in the Northern, Western and Southern metropolitan regions of Melbourne. FARREP also operates in other areas around Victoria, including in the rural areas, through the work of FARREP staff based in statewide agencies.

FARREP Services include health promotion, referral, capacity building and support to women and their communities, as well as advice and consultation to service providers on reproductive and sexual health issues, with a particular focus on FGM/C.

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National Education Toolkit for FGM/C Awareness

If you are interested in understanding more about FGM/C, or want to know about other FGM/C related services in Australia, visit our National Education Toolkit for FGM/C Awareness website.