What is Equality@Work?

Equality@Work is a partnership project between the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (MCWH) and Mercy Health.

It is the first workplace prevention program in Australia to address gender inequality and other intersecting forms of inequality which make immigrant and refugee women particularly vulnerable to family violence and other forms of violence against women.

The project is funded through the Victorian Government’s Free from violence Strategy.

How does Equality@Work help migrant and refugee women?

The factors that ‘push’ migrant women into the aged care sector are related to gendered and racial structural inequality and often make migrant and refugee women more vulnerable to violence.

The Equality@Work project addresses the ways in which gender and social inequality disproportionately impacts staff from migrant backgrounds.

The Equality@Work Model was guided by Our Watch's five Workplace Equality and Respect Standards and their associated elements.

Migrant women’s leadership is at the core of the model because the only way to ensure that the project would be meaningful for migrant women aged care workers is to centre their expertise and leadership.

To learn more about the project and how to implement Equality@Work in your organisation, read our report.

Image of a smiling migrant woman working in aged care holding a sign that reads 'Value me, my culture, my language and my strengths'
Image of a migrant woman working in aged care holding a sign that reads 'Recognise Women's Leadership in Aged Care'

Equality@Work 1

We leave these sessions with knowledge [about gender equality]. We can distribute this information to our girlfriends. Spread the word, it’s like a domino effect. We do have these conversations outside of work, but forum like this are an opportunity to learn and share, which we then take into our lives outside work.

Equality@Work Staff Forum participant

Equality@Work 2

I have more understanding, knowledge about where to assist and give guidance on links with gender inequality and family violence.

Gender Equality Advocate trained through the project