Multicultural Centre For Women's Health



A workplace prevention partnership to address migrant women’s gender inequality.


Equality@Work is a partnership project between the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (MCWH) and Mercy Health.

It is the first workplace prevention program in Australia to address gender inequality and other intersecting forms of inequality which make immigrant and refugee women particularly vulnerable to family violence and other forms of violence against women.

The project is funded through the Victorian Government’s Free from violence Strategy.

What is equality@work?

Equality@Work is a workplace gender equality project to prevent violence against women before it occurs. Given the culturally diverse nature of the Mercy Health workforce, this means recognising and addressing how gender and social inequality disproportionately affect staff from migrant backgrounds. While many Australian workplaces have designed and implemented gender equality action plans, Equality@Work is the first workplace initiative that specifically engages migrant women workers to better understand and address their needs. The project is funded by the Victorian Government for 12 months between July 2018 and June 2019.or more

For more information about the Equality@Work project, please contact Maria Hach through our contact page or on (03) 9418 0950.