Getting Equal

Engaging and supporting women across Victoria to address the many forms of inequality in their lives.

Getting Equal

Promoting inclusive Culturally & Linguistically Diverse communities through gender equality

No one should have to miss out because of their gender or any other reason, including their race, ethnicity, age, ability, sexuality or postcode.

Getting Equal aims to promote gender equality by addressing the multiple ways women experience discrimination and disadvantage in their daily lives.

By supporting women to identify and develop the strategies that will work best for their specific social and local contexts, this project will increase the social and economic participation of women from migrant backgrounds across Victoria.

What's the issue?

Gender inequality contributes to lower wages and poorer health outcomes for women, as well as driving violence against women and their children. For many women, including migrant and refugee women, other forms of inequality also impact on their experiences and opportunities to be healthy and happy. Women are also discriminated against on the basis of their ability, age, postcode, sexuality, race, visa category and many other reasons. To read more about migrant women's experiences of gender inequality, visit our news page for articles, submissions and updates about the latest findings and research.

How will the project make a difference?

Increasing women's opportunities for financial independence, access to health information, social connections and decision-making roles in the community will promote greater gender equality for all women, regardless of their background, age, postcode, sexuality or ability. Getting Equal will run participatory programs with women from migrant and refugee backgrounds across Victoria, starting with bilingual education sessions. These sessions are flexible and tailored to women's interests, including:

  • Gender equality
  • Respectful relationships
  • Navigating health services
  • Family violence
  • Health and well being

Later programs will build on women's leadership to Participate, Advocate, Communicate and Engage (PACE) on these issues. To learn more about our model, visit our Leadership and Advocacy page.

Where can I join a program?

To get involved, email Mursha at

Getting Equal is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services.