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Multicultural Centre for Women's Health Library and Resources are tailored to and about the health and wellbeing of immigrant and refugee women.

Health professionals, community workers, students, employers, unions, the general public and most importantly immigrant and refugee women all benefit from accessing our collections and resources. MCWH provides many access points to information in your language and resources for those interested in enhancing the health and wellbeing of immigrant and refugee women.
These include:

Multilingual Resources Online Catalogue
You can now access MCWH's Multilingual Resource Catalogue online. That's over 5000 resources and over 40 languages on women's health and wellbeing. Search the catalogue from your own computer and email us a request for multilingual resources. The online catalogue is part of Multicultural Women's Health Australia, MCWH's new national program to improve the health and wellbeing of immigrant and refugee women across Australia.

Multilingual Library
The Multilingual Library provides users with a comprehensive specialist collection about the health and wellbeing issues of immigrant and refugee women. The Library Collection includes videos, audio tapes, books, reports and journals in many languages. Membership to MCWH is free and includes borrowing rights to the Library.

Resource Collection
If you are looking for health and wellbeing information in your language, check out the Resource Collection Topics Lists and contact our Multilingual Library Coordinator for further assistance. The Resource Collection includes women's health, general health, occupational health and safety, and social health-everything from Breast Health in Arabic, Arthritis in Greek, Food Safety in Khmer and Stress in Somali. Currently, the Library and Resource Collections comprise 12,000 items in almost 70 languages, and we are always working to enhance our collections both by topic and languages available.

MCWH Publications
MCWH Publications provide further access to research reports and other material for those wishing to be well read about immigrant and refugee women's health and wellbeing issues. We know the value of our publications because we use them in our work. Our publications are the result of MCWH projects and research.

MCWH Fact Sheets
MCWH Fact Sheets are another way that we ensure the immigrant and refugee women have the information they need to make informed decisions about their health, wellbeing and their lives. We have always responded to information gaps by creating our own resources, providing translations of available material, and partnering with others looking to create resources for immigrant and refugee women.

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Library & Resources
Carmela Pitt
Multilingual Library Coordinator
Ph: 03 9418 0910

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