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MCWH Sexual and Reproductive Health Facts

Current evidence indicates that immigrant and refugee women have poorer health outcomes and are at a greater risk of developing adverse health conditions than Australian-born women. These poorer health outcomes are due to a range of factors, including language, barriers to accessing health services and the lack of culturally appropriate support.

The lack of available evidence-based information also places immigrant and refugee women at greater risk. There is currently no national reporting of maternal and birth outcomes and health data are not commonly collected according to ethnicity, with region of birth, country of birth and/or language groups being used as a measure for ethnicity.

MCWH has prepared a data report which summarises current available data across a range of areas impacting on the sexual and reproductive health of immigrant and refugee women.

The research shows that immigrant and refugee women:

• are at a greater risk of suffering poorer maternal and child health outcomes

• are less likely than Australian-born women to know about modern contraceptive methods

• are at a greater risk of contracting a sexually transmitted condition

• are less likely to get help from health and social/support services

download Read the Sexual and Reproductive Health Data Report

MCWH Multilingual Fact Sheets

Multicultural Centre for Women's Health has always recognised that for immigrant and refugee women to control our health and wellbeing, informed decisions need to be made, and that requires up-to-date, accurate, culturally and linguistically relevant information.

Information on health and wellbeing is often only in English or where available only in a limited number of languages. The topics in which multilingual information is available, is also often limited. MCWH has always responded to these information gaps by creating its own resources, providing translations of available material, and partnering with others looking to create resources for immigrant and refugee women. Here you will find the results of our commitment and dedication to ensuring immigrant and refugee women can access information in their languages of choice.

Visit this page soon for Multilingual Fact Sheets.

MCWH Advocacy Fact Sheets

MCWH develops a variety of fact sheets relating to issues relevant to the health and wellbeing of immigrant and refugee women.

download Fact Sheet 1: Elimination of FGM: what works
download Fact Sheet 2: Primary prevention of violence: good practice principles
download Fact Sheet 3: Primary prevention of violence: recommended strategies
downloadFact Sheet 4: Diabetes in Immigrant and Refugee Women

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