Organ tissue donation

Organ donation can save lives. Find out how if it’s for you.

Organ tissue donation

Information about organ tissue donation

Organ and tissue donors can be lifesaving for people who are very sick or dying because of organ failure. People may need a transplant for conditions they were born with, life limiting illness, injuries or accidents.

In Australia, around 1400 poeple are waiting for an organ transplant and 11,000 people on dialysis are waiting for a kidney transplant. All major religions support organ and tissue donation. The bodies and funeral rites of donors are always respected.

Organ donations can transform the lives of transplant recipients and their families. Multicultural Centre for Women's Health and DonateLife have produced videos and flyers in Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese, to explain how organ donation works.

How to register to become an organ donor

Registering is easy. It takes less than a minute. You just need your medicare card.

If you need an interpreter, call TIS 131 450 (Translating and Interpreting Service).

For more information about organ donation and transplantation visit

Fact sheets about organ and tissue donation in languages other than English

View or download our fact sheets in Arabic, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Arabic Organ Donation Fact Sheet

Chinese Organ Donation Fact Sheet

Vietnamese Organ Donation Fact Sheet


We have produced videos about organ donation in Arabic, Mandarin and Vietnamese.

التبرع بالأعضاء وزرعها



This project was funded by the Australian Commonwealth Organ and Tissue Authority in 2019.