The MCWH Staff

Adele Murdolo
Executive Director

Adele is a committed advocate and researcher for immigrant and refugee women’s rights and wellbeing and she has led the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health as the Executive Director for 17 years. Adele is from an Italian migrant background. She has a PhD in history and women’s studies, specialising in immigrant and refugee women’s feminist activism and thinking in Australia. She has published in the areas of women’s health, violence against women and feminist history, adopting an intersectional framework. Recent publications and research projects can be found here.

Adele is passionate about building the status of immigrant and refugee women by translating theory and research into practice and policy. She provides evidence-based advice to government and partner organisations and is a member of key national and Victorian committees including the Australian National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS) Practitioner Engagement Group, the Victorian Government Ministerial Taskforce on the Prevention of Family Violence and Other Forms of Violence Against Women, and the Royal Women’s Hospital Board Primary Care and Population Health Advisory Committee.

Phone: 03 9418 0923

Regina Quiazon
Senior Research and Policy Advocate

Regina has a PhD in cultural studies and has over 15 years’ experience working in the area of gender and diversity as a project manager, researcher and educator. She has significant expertise in the theory and practice of intersectionality, particularly as it relates to violence prevention and sexual and reproductive health. Regina is a co-investigator on the ASPIRE Project, which analyses community-led responses to violence against immigrant and refugee women in metropolitan and regional Australia. Recent publications include a White Ribbon Research Series paper on the engagement of immigrant and refugee men in violence prevention and the ‘Bringing the Margins to the Centre’ paper, a commissioned intersectionality think piece for ‘Change the Story’, the national framework to prevent violence against women and children.

Phone: 03 9418 0912

Joyce Jiang
Health Promotions Manager

Joyce has a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), a Master of Public Health (MPH), and PhD in family and work studies. She has over 15 years' experience across diverse fields including medicine, business and the tertiary sector, having worked internationally as a registered practitioner, manager, researcher and educator. Since joining MCWH in 2013, Joyce has been overseeing health education programs and health promotion projects that address a range issues and concerns, such as ageing population, intergenerational relationships, informal caregiving and working caregiver, problem gambling, misuse of alcohol and drug and mental health. Her areas of interest include population health, health and gender inequality and public health policy.

Phone: 03 9418 0920

Amira Rahmanovic
Health Education Manager

Amira Rahmanovic has a teaching degree from the University of Philosophy Sarajevo, majoring in Yugoslav Literature and Serbo-Croatian language. She was a passionate and unconventional teacher for over 15 years, before migrating to Australia, where she transferred her talents to adult education and training. Amira began working at MCWH in 2001, and since 2008, she has managed the Health Education Program with the same unfailing energy, enthusiasm and charisma. She is an inspiring advocate for social justice, and is passionate about empowering women whatever their circumstances and background.

Phone: 03 9418 0918

Jiembra Sheils
Operations Manager

Jiembra has a Bachelor of Business (Monash Uni) and is a Certified Practicing Accountant, with an interest in social justice and women's issues. She joined MCWH as Operations Manager in 2013 having many years' experience working in not-for-profit organisations including Oxfam, Women's Housing Ltd, CMY and CERES. Jiembra adores skiing and football (and her kids).

Phone: 03 9418 0926

Ozana Bozic
Administration and Finance Officer

Ozana is finalising the last year of a Bachelor of Business course and has over 18 years of experience working in administrative and finance roles. Since joining MCWH she has supported programs, projects and events run by the organisation. Her personal experience of migration has broaden her understanding of different cultures and people. She is interested in migration and settlement issues and their impact on health.

Phone: 03 9418 0925

Medina Idriess
Bilingual Health Educator and FARREP Worker

Medina has a Graduate Diploma in Social Science from Victoria University and has been a Bilingual Health Educator at MCWH since 1999. Medina also offers health education sessions and telephone health information to women from FGM/C affected communities in her role as a Family and Reproductive Rights Education Program (FARREP) worker for both MCWH and at the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne. She also assists communities to strength their knowledge about the harmful health impacts of FGM/C on the reproductive and sexual health of women and girls, in an effort to prevent its occurrence. Medina provides referral capacity building and support to women and their families as well as advice and consultation to service providers on reproductive and sexual health issues, with a particular focus on FGM/C and its cultural context. Empowering women to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing has always been her goal and in her homeland, Eritrea, she was a teacher who often found herself in both leadership and support roles in her community. Her focus now is supporting newly-arrived women whose issues include accessing relevant health services and information.

Phone: 03 9418 0913

Monique Hameed
National Training Officer

Monique is the National Training Officer at MCWH. She also tutors at the University of Melbourne in the Australian Indigenous Studies Department as well as co-coordinating the Undercurrent Community Education Project, a volunteer-run organisation that conducts workshops around consent and healthy relationships throughout high schools in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. She is passionate about queer histories, prison abolition, transformative justice, and critical race studies.

Phone: 03 9418 0922

Carmela Pitt
Multilingual Library and Resources Coordinator

Carmela Pitt is passionate about the right of all women to have equal access to information which can support them in making informed decisions about their own health and wellbeing. She has a Diploma of Library and Information and has over 15 years of experience in resource management and development, having joined MCWH in 1996. Carmela is excited at the ongoing development of technology as this has created an amazing realm in library and information as it has extended the reach of knowledge for women all over the world.

As the Multilingual Library and Resource Coordinator, Carmela is dedicated to the ongoing development and maintenance of the multilingual library and resource collection at MCWH, both physical and online. The multilingual library and resources supports the MCWH programs and projects, researchers (internal and external), women and services from all over Australia. In her role she also supports other organisations to develop their resources to include inlanguage resources so migrant and refugee women who access their services can have access to information and support in their own language.

Phone: 03 9418 0910

Mi Nguyen
Program Administration Officer and CALD Carers Project Officer

Mi Nguyen coordinates the CALD Carers Project, which raises awareness about the health and wellbeing of people who care for unwell or elderly loved ones from immigrant and refugee backgrounds. She has a Masters in Development Studies with a focus on gender, and a Bachelor of Arts (hons) in International Studies and Human Rights. Mi is passionate about women’s rights issues in relation to migration, identity and belonging.

Phone: 03 9418 0999

Rosi Aryal
Equality@Work Project Officer

Rosi coordinates Equality@Work, the first workplace prevention program in Australia to address gender inequality and other intersecting forms of inequality which make immigrant and refugee women particularly vulnerable to family violence other forms of violence against women. Rosi has conducted extensive consultations with stakeholders supporting immigrant and refugee carers, and has worked closely with MCWH’s bilingual health educators to facilitate in-depth interviews and focus groups with carers. She has also analysed the structural barriers preventing immigrant and refugee carers from accessing services, and has presented her findings at national conferences and co-design forums for national health-sector reforms. Rosi has tertiary qualifications in cultural anthropology, human geography and development sociology.

Phone: 03 9418 0919

Hope Mathumbu
Making the Links Project Officer

Hope Mathumbu has a Master’s Degree in International Public Health and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. She joined MCWH in 2017 as a Health Promotion and Research Project Officer, working to help Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) women living in regional Victoria to access mainstream family and domestic violence and sexual assault services. She is passionate about intersectional feminism, human rights and community development. Hope has worked and volunteered widely in various sectors, driven by her belief in the Black South African humanist philosophy of Ubuntu.

Phone: 03 9418 0999

Yue Gao
Gambling Awareness Project Officer

Yue coordinates MCWH’s “Gambling Awareness Project (GAP)”. She obtained both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Journalism in China and PhD in International Studies in Australia. Her interest is in exploring how the structural inequality has shaped the social discourses on responsible self and influence people’s, especially women’s, perceptions towards their bodies and sexualities, healthy choices and activities. As a newly arrived migrant to Australia, she is passionate about understanding how people’s migration and transnational experience might shape their health behaviours and hopes to improve the immigrant and refugee women’s health and wellbeing through her community work and research.

Phone: 03 9418 0917

Jasmin Chen
Research and Executive Assistant

Jasmin Chen approaches immigrant and refugee women’s health from her background in cultural studies and critical theory with a focus on the communication of ideas and meaning. Her current research interest is in the area of immigrant and refugee women’s experiences of family violence, as a co-investigator on the participatory ASPIRE research project. Jasmin is committed to sharing information and encouraging conversations across diverse audiences, mediums and formats, which has drawn her to initiatives like the Culturally Responsive Palliative Care Community Education training she co-developed for Palliative Care Victoria; the National Education Toolkit for FGM/C Awareness (NETFA) and writing for MCWH publications, online material and resources. Jasmin likes to organise other people’s lives instead of her own so enthusiastically provides support to the MCWH Board and the Executive Director as well as performing both solicited and unsolicited editing and proofreading services. She has a PhD in Cultural Studies, and a Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary).

Phone: 03 9418 0916