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Beyond the ‘Whanel’

Learning new words can be so gratifying, especially when the word puts a name to a phenomenon that you regularly experience but haven’t quite articulated as a ‘thing’. The new word that crossed our desks this month was ‘manel’, the name for an all-male panel. …

Why breastfeeding is a feminist issue.

  In August we celebrated World Breastfeeding Week (yes, it exists!), which this year aimed to highlight the importance of empowering women globally to combine breastfeeding and work and to make workplaces more breastfeeding-friendly. For women who breastfeed, this empowerment is certainly important, but there …

60 seconds with Rosi Aryal

Health and Research Project Officer and researching trekker What are you enjoying doing at the moment? Having recently moved to Melbourne, I’m enjoying soaking up all the arts, music, food and sport. What talent would you most like to possess? To always respond with genuine …

MCWH on ABC News’ Talk About It

MCWH’s Executive Director Adele Murdolo and NETFA Project Officer Zubaidah featured on ABC’s segment Talk About It, on the practice and prevalence of FGM/C in Australia and our role in developing resources through our NETFA project. You can watch the clip here