Multicultural Centre for Women's Health: A national voice for migrant & refugee women's wellbeing in Australia

Current issues in immigrant and refugee women's health

MCWH works with other organisations to conduct health education, research, advocacy and community-specific projects. If you have a project you think we can help with please visit our contact page and get in touch.

Women’s Sexual And Reproductive Health

Since 1978 MCWH has been talking to migrant women about their sexual and reproductive health.

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Gambling Awareness Project (GAP)

Preventing and reducing gambling-related harm in the community by closing the knowledge and service gap for immigrant and refugee communities.

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Leadership And Advocacy

MCWH believes that immigrant and refugee women’s leadership is central to improving the health and wellbeing of immigrant and refugee women.

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Preventing Violence Against Women

MCWH is leading the way to prevent violence against migrant and refugee women in Victoria and Australia.

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Family And Reproductive Rights Education Program

Sexual and reproductive health information for women who have had female circumcision and their communities.

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