Multicultural Women’s Health Education for Bilingual Health Educators

A nationally accredited training course for bilingual educators who want to build on and develop their skills in facilitation and women’s health.

MCWH has partnered with The Benchmarque Group, a registered training organisation, to develop a nationally accredited course in Multicultural Women’s Health Education for Bilingual Community Educators (Course code 10374NAT). The course is the first of its kind in Australia, and offers community bilingual educators practical knowledge and skills required to prepare and effectively communicate and facilitate health education sessions with immigrant and refugee women.

The course is grounded in MCWH’s unique woman-to-woman approach, a peer education model that is based on the belief that sharing health information and experiences is the best way to increase women's health knowledge and wellbeing.

Participants will also develop an understanding of the social determinants that impact upon women’s health and wellbeing including gender, race, culture, class, employment status, sexuality disability, age, and immigration status.

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"I learned a lot more than I expected about women’s health and about facilitation. I feel more confident in delivering the information, in a way that is interesting and informative and therefore moving women to take action regarding their health"

Course Details (10374NAT)


TAEDEL401A           Plan, organise, and deliver group based learning
HLTAMBFC301D    Communicate with clients
CHCCED311A          Provide sexual and reproductive health information

MCWH partners with expert organisations to ensure participants receive up-to-date information on each health topic. Partner organisations include:

  • Jean Hailes
  • The Cancer Council
  • InTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence.

"The training has helped me gain a lot of knowledge and skills about women’s health and it has also given me the confidence to advocate for myself and others"

Time commitment and entry requirements

There are no prior qualifications needed to undertake this course. Depending on your previous level of experience and training, you may be eligible for some recognition of prior learning. The course may be delivered over a number of weeks or as an intensive, depending on the needs of the group.

Contact the National Training Officer, Maria Hach, to discuss your options and find out more.

"I feel empowered and blessed to be given the opportunity to be able to stand up for myself and benefit and gain knowledge about women’s health"